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    Education is the determining factor in contemporary social and economic development of the society in the process of creating a real knowledge economy. In this sense, the future managers- economists are the most promising citizens of Ukraine who acquire intellectual property that is not devalued, even during the crisis. The Institute of Management is one of the most prestigious educational and research institutions of Vinnytsia National Technical University.

Within the Institute there are 6 departments. The training of specialists in the institute is carried out in the following areas of training: 6.030601 "Management", within which there are 5 specializations and 6.170103 "Information Security Management", based on the three-stage system of training - Bachelor, Specialist, Master of full-time and part-time basis. There are state-financed and contract forms of education. The term of studying for full time students of appropriate educational levels is the following: Bachelor - 4 years, Specialist - 1 year, Master - 1 year 4 months. In 2013 there has been opened a new master's specialization8.18010015 "Consolidated Information".

The Institute created a strong teaching and research base. The Institute has a modern computer center, which is united by LAN of six computer labs. 

The main scientific and technological bases of practical and research work of students of the institute is Vinnytsia Scientific and Production Association "Diamond", Vinnitsa radio factory, Vinnitsa Tractor Machinery Plant, Industrial Group "KMT" , the Economic Department of Regional State Administration, Regional Department of Statistics, Vinnytsia Regional Office of the National Bank, USB's, Praveksbank Creditprombank, Ukreksimbank, etc.

In these enterprises, banks and institutions directly students do practical work, coursework and perform final qualifying undergraduate, graduate and master's work.

Main professional directions of future managers are organizational and managerial, administrative, information and analysis.

The Institute of Management conducts training of masters and PhD students. During the period of it existence graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students protected more than a hundred of Masters, 15 PhD and 3 doctoral dissertations.

The education in the Institute of Management persuades that life has no problems, only opportunities.

Study at our institute! These are the years of continuous flow of innovative knowledge, feelings, emotions and experiences. I wish you all get into the flow and get a full university education of manager and economist.


Director of the Institute of Management                           Mykola I. Nebava